More Gargoyle (and servers with personality)

I promised I'd let you know how quickly Gargoyle (the South African and African blog search engine) picked up my article... Glad to report. Pretty much instantaneously. Now, whether that's because its creator, Hart-Davis, was clever enough to pick it up and add it in (he did comment, bless his soul) or because of the sheer 2.0ishness of the spider engine - I don't know. Benefit of the doubt goes to the engine.

While playing around a bit more with this service, I picked up a great example of new age web humour. It's something that's missing from many South African web applications - and what a pity. We're a humorous nation. Why doesn't it translate? Even Google got some Afrikaans going at one stage...

Anyway, I digress. While trying valiantly to break the alpha version (that's kinda like picking on the little guy) I came across this error message. It had me howling. Love it.

Keep going lad!


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