Just woke up from the 27 Dinner...

Hmph. 1:30am obviously a sign of a good blogger gathering, no? Excellent, let's not mince words. Nicely done team Stopforth and Duarte again. The speakers were excellent - truly didn't expect that kind of personality and speaking skill to come out of security experts and developers. In fact, it's perfect fodder to take back to the team at the office and raise some eyebrows about our industry.

It's great - I always come back from these events feeling inspired to keep up the charge. And believe me (as I'm sure you do) - blogging, promoting and keeping up to speed in your industry takes effort. It's times like these that make it even more rewarding.

Uuggh. Resisting. Urge. Not. To. Link. To. Stormhoek. DAMMIT. Thanks for the wine chaps, your story is an inspiration to true marketing and you deserve every link you get.

Social networking in the real world (not on the comments engine) is NOT considered a circle jerk in my opinion. It's critical to the growth and maturation of this exciting industry. See you at the next one!


  1. Andy! Good to see you again. Look forward to discussing that biznich soon!


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