KFC ignores chicken-eating continent...

Baffling. Tried to order some chicken the other day, for a little bit of a New Years lunch with the staff and hit a wall. You would think, in a big chicken consuming nation like ours (let's not forget the wider African continent) - you would be able to Google KFC and hop quickly onto a website to get the nearest franchise, or at least a national call centre number. It seems, not.

The closest I could get was WhichFranchise.co.za, which looks like a franchise purchase portal. And the worst I got - result number 3 on Google.co.za nog al... KFC Tortures Chickens. Ouch.

I guess the situation remains where large corporates still don't see a need for a local presence, and a well optimised web brand. My search for KFC on the web led me eventually to KFC.com - where it become very apparent that Africa just wasn't on the map.

We ordered Steers. The colonel didn't seem to be listening.


  1. Pity you didn't go for Nandos. You could have used the 'restaurant locator' on their site - quick and easy.

    I eata da shicken :)

  2. Assuming you're in Joburg you could have just gone to the Mr Delivery site. Other than being able to order via them and have them drop off, they have menus for all the major fast food places online.

    Not to be funny but the market demographic for KFC in this country is not like Nandos or others meaning that there might not be a good business case for a KFC website.

  3. I cannot believe KFC could justify NOT having a website. Target demographic or not! It's merely another media channel - a route to market. Considering SA's proliferation of garage developers - and the large corporates that use them :) I was personally blown away they hadn't made the leap.

    Hang ten. I want to check for Chicken Licken ONLINE.

  4. Chicken Licken Online - thought I might find it. One better - it's SEO'd - top of the list on Google.com (and it's competing with a nursery rhyme nog al... KFC missing a trick in my opinion.

  5. Watch the space closely as you might just be amazed.

    With reference to Andy’s comment about garage developers, this could be cause that corporates take time to form a strategy before just hacking together a site just to be online.

  6. @Paul. Wow. This post takes me back. I will watch this space - keep me posted!

    The comment about garage developers was based around 2 things (if I remember correctly).

    1. Many companies use garage developers - they don't spend time thinking the web through. They'd justify this on cost / speed. Doesn't make it right at all.

    2. Let's presume you're from KFC or related agency, while I'm excited to see what you guys are doing. I'd say 2 years puts you firmly out of the realm of "hacking together a strategy". A web strategy 2 years in the making? We're expecting big things...


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