The Benefits of Blogging / Social Media - Part #2

Continuing the musing into how to handle this centuries newest media form...

FOUR. The ability to attach a personality to an opinion. Yes, it's something "brands" have been doing for a while - but blogging provides such an instant medium, where the personality of the blogger, the text, the images, the surrounding blog design, the comments and the comments on every Digg and Reddit submission can add layers to the brand/personality of the communication. With or without the control of the original owner - social media has an uncanny knack of instantly, if not always accurately, representing the broader personalities, likes and dislikes of their originators and readers.

FIVE. The immediacey of feedback and Customer Evangelism. Aston Martin recently profited from an example of quick reactions and customer evangelism. BMW continues to lead the foray into marketing via social media. Stork even gave it a try - but fell short.

I guess the question is - what would a marketing director give to have an instant channel where complaints / compliments with products / services could be aired and responded to - in public view? Transparency, at last!

SIX. Driving Traffic to Communities, quickly. A mildly popular blog might deliver you 30,000 visits a month - that's a pretty captive audience if you ask me. What other community based marketing device gives you that kind of immediately accessible, interactive audience - without ad breaks? And you're pretty much guaranteed that, besides some accidental traffic - the audience is there because they enjoy / trust / believe the information and opinion being published.

Blogs may very well be the next big thing in community building and community management - if - the communities, blog publishers and blog tools can find a way of not cluttering their platforms with spam / unjustified opinions.

Perhaps it's hoping for too much?

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  1. blogs probably aren't as big as social networks which allow you to interact with a community.

    my .02

    i've been wrong before.

  2. Hey Andy
    Great posts! I think you really hit the nail on the head with your comments.
    SEO Snafu, I respectfully disagree with your comments, I think whilst both are awesome, blogs as a whole are much better community builders than social nets... but hey, I've also been wrong a couple of times ;)

  3. Thanks chaps. More coming - at least another 2 in this series. It's an interesting question. Blogs vs Social Media networks. Are they not one and the same? Does a story not spread just a quickly through blog buzz as with a digg/reddit?

    How to make all this STUFF work in the real world is the trick though...

  4. Agree, bollocks to nomenclature.
    Let's just get stuck in and make it work!

    PS - Just FYI but your comment form hates me. Firstly it opens in a thin vertical window that I have to resize and then the captcha and form submission give me endless hassles. Thought you'd like to know, drop me a mail if you want to know more...

  5. Would definitely like to know more - considering it's a blogger standard comment form. You would think, by default, they would support FireFox (which I'm sure the Quirk boys all use!).


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