27 Dinner - a non-geeky success...

Just returned from a highly successful 27 Dinner - basically a mini-conference for SA's social media and blogging elite. Very nice to see such a large turnout for what promises to be the wave of SA web/media talent. Also encouraging to see representation from the Sunday Times and Biz-Community (who so nicely supported us in our Standard Bank article...).

Congrats to Mike Stopforth and Dave Duarte for the organisation - let's see more of this stuff soon.

Cowboys will cover the coverage. Symptomatic of SA bloggers stealing each other's traffic - but that's a whole different post. Hopefully one of the "big ideas" to come out of these type of conferences is a way to aggregate and conglomerate SA's content kingpins. Perhaps more on this later.


  1. Thanks for coming and for speaking dude. Dave told me after that I gave you a shit intro - not intentional - was rather trying to vindicate myself for being an ass over the email!

    Love what you're doing...

  2. No worries. Got a bit over-excited about the Standard Bank thing... Thank goodness we have people like Simone from Biz-Com who recognise a good story :) Chat soon about the podcast.


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