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Spotted a post on AfricanSocialNetwork just now that raises an interesting point. The Nigerian Blogging site was trying to put together a list of leading African Web 2.0 / Social Media sites. There were one or two slightly negative comments posted almost immediately, mostly about the list not being Pan-African, and thus not representative.

What AfricanSocialNetwork were trying to do was not wrong at all - it's just that there doesn't seem to be a pan-african platform to showcase African Web talent.

That's a shame.

So I've started one. Pop over to Africa 2.0 and take a look... The site will be taking submissions from any African site that contributes to our presence/heritage on the web. Our friends at AfricanSocialNetwork are already proudly displayed.

Their list includes:

- African YouTube / Video publishing site - Mooziko
- African Digg -
- African Facebook / MySpace -
- African Page Creator -
- African online dating, 2.0 style -
- African Reddit -
- African Digg Swarm


  1. And African Blogspot will be


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