The Marketing Heroes of YouTube

MEDIA CATEGORY: General Entertainment

Lonelygirl15. Done to death, I know. The story of a doe-eyed teenager vlogging from the confines of her bedroom and moping about restrictive parents, purple monkeys and a silly boyfriend. Found out to be a fake - destroyed the hearts of millions. But still going. We know.

MARKETING IMPLICATIONS: 60+ 3 minute videos (that I could find) and over 300,000 views per video. 3 videos per week = 1 million views per week. That’s a medium sized cable channel! TV still means advertising unless I missed something?

In fact, their .com has been reported to generate over $10,000 a month in advertising already. Where to from here? I’m not sure - but it’s proved the Social Web has got eyeball power - and quick video publishing may just be the next mass entertainment media.

LisaNova. A lady with more feet on the ground and less teasing cleavage. A couple of fancy Hollywood friends could be acting as a catalyst for her popularity, but LisaNova is already a YouTube phenomenon - and she's only been posting videos for 5 months! Her rip-off of Diddy TV is just under 1 000 000 views already. 1 Video!

MARKETING IMPLICATIONS: 26 posted videos, 20,000 subscribers, 200,000 views on average per video. That's some crazy numbers. Looking at her individual videos - some have a viewership more towards the millions. This particular video got over 1.3 million views.

Is she making a commercial success out of it? Not so sure... The closest I could find to commercial links was a couple of Google Adwords on her site. With that many eyeballs - the potential exists though.

P.Diddy. You guessed it. Hip-hop mogul, and surprisingly acute businessman, Mr. Diddy, has gone into YouTube with DiddyTV (and a rather large Burger King sponsorship). A shameless attempt to use the power, speed and reach of social media to cash in on his ego / bank balance. He's not a stupid chap though, and obviously sees something in this game.

MARKETING IMPLICATIONS: A rolling stone gathers mo' homies. Over 10,000 active subscribers already. What’s impressive here, is not the self-congratulatory videos that P.Diddy releases – it’s the fact that Burger King have hopped on board. You'll see their logo below the fold (odd?) on his YouTube user home page. Will keep an eye on this one to see if he’s churning out any decent content – or just me-me-me adverts worthy of E! Entertainment.

So HOW do you quantify this? Self-centered ego stroke or real video value? More Social Media investigation coming soon!


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