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Tech4Africa 2007 - Mobilise the troops!

Saw this pop up yesterday on the blogosphere. I could be out of date - but seems like a good idea anyway. They say on the site:

Hello, thanks for stopping by!

We're trying to figure out whether there is demand for a web and technology conference in Southern Africa, and we'd really appreciate your help if you can spare a few minutes.

Sounds like a great idea. Will have to compete with things like Internetix - which started to touch Social Media issues in 2006 - but there's nothing like a conference to promote a growing industry.

My 2c would be a serious networking component. Not the after-conference drinks, but some form of show-tell for participating companies. In fact, might be able to use live collaboration tools / cute little Web 2.0 gadgets to facilitate this? Now THAT would be cool.

We've stuck in our vote, and virally spammed our mates about the conference. You should too. Visit them HERE.

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