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Standard Bank Spam: The Unusual Suspects

Standard Bank seems likely to come under fire in the near future for an interesting interpretation of data privacy laws.

In a recent email sent to what looks like the entire Internet Banking customer base, Louis Blom, head of online banking at Standard Bank says, “We are obliged to send this email to you as an Internet banking user, even if you have unsubscribed to our emails…”

Reading between the lines, we started wondering if it really meant… it’s more cost effective to break the law than it is to handle all the telephone calls we’re getting! Louis. We understand people are “concerned” when an SMS doesn’t arrive and your customers are unable to use certain Internet banking functions. But, hell man…

Every digital marketer worth his salt HAS to be wondering what damage this might do to the Standard Bank brand. They’re invading a personal medium. Picture the customer segment who have expressly gone through the process of opting out… and then been summarily ignored. How loyal do you think they’re feeling right now?

Should the blog community let Standard Bank get away with something like this? At Cowboys, we’re definitely keeping an eye on those spam filters to see which of the unusual suspects are slipping through.

In the mean time, we’re going to try and track down Louis Blom and his team for their side of the story… watch this space!

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