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Simplicity and Million Dollar Ideas...

We've been chatting a lot recently about innovation, especially after Jon's post. What do you have to do in a digital world of a couple of billion websites, 50 million blogs, a bunch of really useless content and a microscopic world where just about everything has been done?

I guess the answer lies, once again, in simplicity. Simplicity of everything: ideas, site design, strategy, technology, usability. As the world and the Internet gets bigger, it's up to marketers and technologists to simplify and filter the torrent of stuff that's out there.

YES... yes... yes. It's old. So old. But dammit... Talking about simple, brilliant ideas. This one still takes the cake. A Million Dollar Home Page. It's so simple, it makes me want to cry. $1 per pixel. 1 000 000 pixels. Sold out. Own your piece of that wallet!

I wonder if he'll license?

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