Just what is Web 2.0?

Between trying to chase down a comment from Standard Bank - and finishing up work for year end - we've been having some interesting internal tussles. In fact, its prompted a series of blog posts on, well, blogging.

From a marketing point of view. What is blogging? What is new media? What are all these fancy buzzwords that are flying around? And do they actually mean anything? Can you quantify a blog? Has anything really changed, or are we on the cusp of a media/marketing trend that is going to change the world as we know it?

As a prelude to the series, we tracked down two great videos which try to explain the mother of all buzzwords. WEB 2.0.

The first is a ZDNet video, whiteboard style, which explains the buzzwords within the buzzwords! Confused yet? Well, try this on for size. Just because I'm using a digital publishing tool like Blogger and YouTube in this post - it's a Web 2.0 compliant (if there is such a thing) post!

The second video features a whole bunch of CEO's from successful Web 2.0 startups, talking about how they believe this "different way" of looking at things is going to change the media world as we know it...

It's a helluva thing, this Web 2.0. Using it, and driving value out of it? Well, that may just be more important than we realise.

More posts on this coming soon. No news from Standard Bank as yet. Should we really expect a response? Not so sure anymore!


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