Fighting crime in the digital age…

Wonders in the world of technology will never cease. Here’s a new option for the super paranoid – your own 10cm security guard! This palm-sized remote/web controlled video security sensor (that’s a mouthful) that can pretty much look after your house while you’re away (and provide days of gadgety fun). This invention from Surveyor has the following features:
  • A video camera.
  • A wireless transmitter that interfaces with your PC
  • Java based host software, complete with web server – you can see what is happening from
  • Anywhere in the world!
  • All video surveillance can be recorded.
  • Proximity sensors to assist with driving.
  • Auto-roam – send it on a randomised patrol of your premises!

We’re really impressed. So impressed that we’ve come up with some ideas for a future, more South African version:

  • Emits tear gas.
  • A howling shriek with the ominous sound of rifle loading.

Or… on a more serious note:

  • API into South African Police Force (well, if the Post Office can Instant Message, why can’t the police force receive a web prompt?)
  • The ability to track objects, or even better – pick up any changes to a scene (perhaps colour spread analysis?)
  • Camera tilt – how is anyone going to identify those feet?

SA version or not… we love it. Buy you own roving security officer here…


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