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ZA Tech Show Episode 255 - Too Cool For School

Brett Haggard, Steven Ambrose, Andy Hadfield and a bottle of DMZ Chardonnay get together this week to discuss, at length:
  • A report back from Microsoft’s Tech-Ed;
  • Why is cool so important in tech today?
  • Is the new cutting edge in hardware or software?
  • Galaxy S4 coming soon and the question is the battery life;
  • How impressive the Kobo store is;
  • The content ecosystem and landscape;
  • The appetite for 7-inch Android tablets; and
  • The possibility of a new Blackberry tablet

Our technology picks of the week are:
  • Steven Ambrose picks ‘Fake Follower Check’ on and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0;
  • Andy Hadfield picks on ‘The Internet’, picks @Earth_pics on Twitter and TuneUp in Mac App Store; and
  • Brett Haggard picks the new Macheist nano bundle.

Click through to stream or download the audio of the show!

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