05 January 2007

KFC ignores chicken-eating continent...

Baffling. Tried to order some chicken the other day, for a little bit of a New Years lunch with the staff and hit a wall. You would think, in a big chicken consuming nation like ours (let's not forget the wider African continent) - you would be able to Google KFC and hop quickly onto a website to get the nearest franchise, or at least a national call centre number. It seems, not.

The closest I could get was WhichFranchise.co.za, which looks like a franchise purchase portal. And the worst I got - result number 3 on Google.co.za nog al... KFC Tortures Chickens. Ouch.

I guess the situation remains where large corporates still don't see a need for a local presence, and a well optimised web brand. My search for KFC on the web led me eventually to KFC.com - where it become very apparent that Africa just wasn't on the map.

We ordered Steers. The colonel didn't seem to be listening.