Aggregating and giving context to wine commentary on Twitter (Developer Wanted!)

I'm going to give the open model of web innovation a try. I've had this idea floating around for a while since I started the Twitter Wine Reviews. I'm not sure that it's a full time, call the VC's type idea. But it's niche, it's sexy. And it would make a really cool project.

So let's put it out there. I've posted this to IS Labs, always wanted to try the startup incubator that Justin Spratt and co. started. Please go vote it up if you have a moment.

I'd welcome any kind of commentary, thoughts or offers to develop (make sure those come with one or two cool examples of quick stuff you've done before).

Without further ado...

IDEA SUMMARY: Display wine reviews and conversations from Twitter and aggregate postive / negative language and scores to produce a recommendation engine. If successful, look to build community features off the back of the data stream.

POSITIONING: Wine information for the man in the street. For the guy or gal that can't describe bouquet, but knows what they enjoy. And doesn't mind commentating on it publicly.

THE PREMISE: It is highly unlikely that any major new social players will arrive in the next couple of years, because:

a) of information overflow
b) too many social touchpoints exist - for simplicity and to stop the endless duplicating of content, consumers will start to gravitate towards favourite sites and communities.

This means - the most likely avenue for creating social communities will be inside current social networks, or using data created from current social networks. Even better, will be focusing on niche communities for "long tail effect" and the ability to cut through the huge amount of clutter out there.

MORE DETAILS: Twitter is a great platform for man-in-the-street reviews of many products and services. Wine is one of them. Check out on the #wine tag.

Example: 2005 [Wine Name] [Type] [Farm] [Short Review] [Rating] [hash tag]

With some clever aggregation, this conversation could be manipulated into meaningful data:

* stream of wine conversation
* stream of wine conversation by location
* stream of wine ratings
* search for conversation on a particular wine or farm

With further analysis, true value (and context) can be added to the data stream:

* measure user interaction to wine tweets to gauge authority
* measure positive and negative language, attach to wine farms and wine brands
* identify common scoring methods and attach to wine farms and wine brands (eg. *** / 3 stars / 3 out of 10 / 3/10).
* wine popularity by "buzz generated"

If user reaction is good and some traffic to the venture can be measured this can be extended into the following areas:

* crowdsourced "live" wine tastings
* wine community, grouping registered users by their affinity for similar wines
* publishing tools that allow people to commentate and categorise their week to week wine tastings
* wine news

* ad sales on content pages
* affiliate wine sales, targeted to actual conversation about the wine
* wine brands to sponsor "live tastings"
* ORM analysis for wine brands - measure consumer feedback and react tactically where necessary

WHAT I NEED: Developer / Designer.

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  1. Site Recommendations from Louis JVR - and

  2. Another cool idea - this time from Mel Attree: Will you copy all across to keep history, the bugger with twitter is that it doesn't keep history?


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