15 September 2009

Best of @andyhadfield - August 2009

Twitter is noisy, but it has its uses. I've found that a lot of interesting links, thoughts and observations I tend to post on Twitter these days, instead of sharing it in the longer format of the game. The other problem with Twitter, is that because of the volume, if you're not watching at the right time, you tend to miss some juicy stuff. In that vain... Only the juiciest from the @andyhadfield account!

In chronological order. August 2009.

--- snip ---

Cool site. Instant nature of what the net brings to brands. Now Network. #opadebate

The Great Schlep (the digital campaign that secured the Florida vote for Obama. Target Jewish Grannies!) http://bit.ly/3uKWj

Nokia E75. Hated it. My technophobe loved it. Review here and thoughts on the culmination of the WOMWorld campaign http://bit.ly/sz5a2

Aw crickey. I rank pg 2 for "african porn" & pg 3 for "south african porn" on Google. Charming. 1 sarcastic post & THIS. http://bit.ly/E6Xj6

Just phoned Telkom Online Bill Support Centre and they asked for my username and password. EPIC #fail #brandminus

All Scrubbed Up: Official Swine Flu South Africa Stats - 12 August 2009 http://bit.ly/adeUd

Google Opt Out Village. Ha Ha! http://bit.ly/OD26W

RT @tmhdubai: The top 10 funniest TV ads of all time...a must watch on a Sunday afternoon. http://bit.ly/3lE7ID

RT @VinnyLingham: Stuff Magazine jumped 70% according to the ABCs - kudos to @shapshak and co http://bit.ly/3CNPOI

Randi Zuckerberg only has 231 fans. If this is Zuck's sister... she's a little short methinks... http://bit.ly/12iaQZ

Aha... Seems you have to create a folder on the USB stick /PS3/UPDATE. Stick the file in there to do #PS3 software update. Lank friendly.

Geek joke... Is Mom Apache or IIS? Har har! http://bit.ly/11k65s

Just been called by Old Mutual on a SATURDAY to sell me some kind of policy. Sies! #fail #unsubscribe #brandminus - makes me mad.

Setting up for the FNB Digital Conference 2009. Great speakers lined up, should be a doozy...

Internet penetration in Africa 5%. Rest of world 21%. Will Seacom really change this? #fnb #conference

RT @ilvapie: "1 out of 8 couples married in the US last year met via social media" - http://bit.ly/18RJgO -- here's the link #fnb #conf ...

Twitter is a triumph of humanity and not a triumph of technology - Biz Stone #fnb #conference

Up now, a digital first methinks. Live recording of The Digital Edge Podcast at FNB.

Haha! From a friend. The most beautiful page on the Internet! ICC Test and ODI Championships | Cricinfo.com http://bit.ly/11cbOU

SA spammers named and shamed! About time... http://bit.ly/7pBSW

This is interesting: Nokia's mobile payment service, Nokia Money. Compete with PayPal mobile and locally, PocIT... http://bit.ly/EUT2Y

RT @sabreakingnews Eskom posts R9.7bn loss http://bit.ly/uAbVu What are they doing? (via @timbritz)

Good day for gadgets and rugby. Proud owner of a Nikon D5000 and an unbeaten tri nations record...

Quietly, quietly on Friday, Nokia releases COMES WITH MUSIC for SA. Free music downloads for a year... Mmmm. http://bit.ly/1sd6D2

My interview with Jake Larsen and thoughts on Nokia Music Store South Africa... http://bit.ly/BcB4H