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Sexy banking...

Interesting to see Cowboy readers voting on "Can Web 2.0 make Banking Sexy?". 60% YES. 40% NO. Pretty mixed results that - which to me shows both threat and opportunity. Like most big companies, it's hard to control ALL touch points - and bad customer experiences do happen. Perhaps people don't expect sexy from their bank?

Just hark back a couple of years to the heady days of 20 Twenty. That was sexy banking. And perhaps the "social" approach, when combined with intelligent thinking and tangible value to end customers...

Yowsers. I sound like a corporate already.

I have learnt some things in my virgin career at FNB. As sexy as you want your bank to be - you want your money to be there when you hit the ATM. Above all else. Now that's a delicate balancing act.

New poll is up...


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