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MacBook Air. Becoming an AirHead.

Thanks to series of events - I was fortunate enough to gain 15 minutes with one of the first MacBook Air's to enter South Africa.

There's nothing not to like. It is a truly remarkable feat of engineering. And who cares if you don't have a DVD drive. Plug one in or go wireless, bru. This thing feels solid, looks beautiful and will draw stares from all geek and non-geek.

Build quality. Sexiness.

What really bakes my noodle - my Acer beast vs. the MacBook Air...

At 17k, it's still way too pricey for the majority of Saffers. But R12k for a good spec MacBook seems to be the way to get into the game...

Thanks Toby Shapshack (indirectly) and Brett Haggard.

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