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Stormhoek, a blogging good wine - now available in Checkers!

Bloody hell. These guys KEEP innovating above the bar in the social media field. They've recently secured a distribution deal with Checkers - nice move. If I'm not mistaken Checkers has created quite a nice store-space display for broad price range wines.

South Africa’s fastest growing grocer has embraced web 2.0 with a little hand from Stormhoek, and is giving away wine.

According to Mr Duarte - part of the deal was to run an innovative web-based campaign. That they did. Go "make a friend" with Stormhoek on FaceBook (poking allowed?) and you stand to win t-shirts and wine for the duration of the campaign.

Ah. So innovative. Check out the story here.

UPDATE: So. Just checked out FaceBook. Found StormHoek Big Love. Added as a friend. Poked away. Grrowwrr.

99 friends so far. Smallish start - but you know how this viral stuff goes.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Social media presents a bit of a chicken and egg situation. You can't pull of ballsy ideas like this unless you've got a core group of fans who are going to virally spread the message. But you can't get a core group of fans unless you do something ballsy like this. It's a paradox, and oxymoron, a dichotomy. Phew.

Nice one Stormhoek. Suckered me in. (Oh, by the way - they promised to send a bottle of wine to the first 20 bloggers who mentioned and linked to the campaign. Sneaky and clever.)

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