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JOBS @ forgood | Junior QA. Tester & Tech Support (with big dreams).

APPLICATIONS FOR THIS POSITION HAVE CLOSED. If you’re still interested in working with forgood, join us on our  Facebook Page  and  Group  - make friends! --- original post below --- More tech team resources at our social impact "startup"... READ THIS ENTIRE JOB SPEC. WE HAVE ASKED THREE QUESTIONS AT THE END OF THE SPEC. PRETTY SILLY THAT WE HAVE TO DO THIS TO ENSURE THAT PEOPLE READ THE JOB - BUT HEY, WHEN YOU LIVE IN THE WORLD OF SPRAY AND PRAY JOB APPLICATIONS, YOU HAVE TO GET RADICAL. SORRY FOR THE CAPS! ANSWER THE THREE QUESTIONS. DO NOT SEND YOUR CV . WE WILL REQUEST CVs FROM THE BEST ANSWERS.  Charity might just be broken. Make no mistake, without it we would have been lost - but at best it's providing symptomatic relief to our countries problems. Charities (what we call Causes) are being hammered. They're completely reliant on donor funding. They're fragmented - often doing amazing work independent of each other. They're under the wrong kind