08 April 2007

Hacking Cellphones... Wirelessly.

This is a scary tidbit (thanks Brett for sending it through). In an industry where we are becoming increasingly paranoid about security - isn't it comforting to know that... well... we don't really know anything at all.

This ABC News special features a bunch of kids (they get younger everyday) who have set up a security consulting firm in the States. Essentially, they've figured out a way to scan mobile phones wirelessly and hack into the phone book, SMS inbox, SMS sent box and more.

Apparently it happened to our dear Miss Paris Hilton - her cellphone got hacked and a bunch of celebrity friends got a "few" prank calls. Watch the vid. Very interesting.

Where does it stop? I've already seen the latest Nokias coming out with Norton Antivirus on them. Is anything safe? Should it be?