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Senior .NET / C# Full Stack Web Developers @

Hello Developer! Let's see if we can get you excited - we're in need of your l33t skillz.

>> Why Us

The poor are getting poorer. The richer are getting richer. There are a group of organisations stuck in the middle that are losing the battle to close this gap. Solve this problem - you'll help develop the developing world.

We’re going to fight this global imbalance by connecting the resources of the empowered to the needs of the disempowered. We're doing it with tech - providing a platform (both to the public and inside companies) that creates efficient, relevant and magical connections.

We create giving experiences.

>> Us as a Business

We think there's a fascinating gap in the social entrepreneurship space. The intersection between pure capitalism and pure charity. Where incentives can drive performance. Where technology can drive change. Where we have access to risk capital to solve social problems. We're trying to change the world - but we're building a serious business at the same time.

There are not enough companies in South Africa using the SCALE and POWER of technology to solve social problems.

>> We're looking for a Senior .NET C# Full Stack Devs to join our growing team in Dunkeld West, Jozi.

You'll be building and iterating the biggest tech platform the South African social sector has seen (we're already the largest volunteering platform in the country, doing +-150 volunteers/week). We've got a white label enterprise product that allows huge corporates to plug into our ecosystem and tailor-make their employee volunteering experiences. All these operate off real-time central databases, allowing to keep our fingers on the pulse of social activity in the country.

13 major corporates (12 publicly listed or multinational) are already innovating with us as clients. Check out the product here:

You know what's cool about this? Every time we get a conversion, that's something awesome happening out there in the world. A connection between a person and a Cause and some meaning being generated, some lives being changed. That's so much better than selling cheap electronics or random daily deals!

>> Our process for finding awesome folk
  • Virtual chat, shoot the breeze, check if you dream what we dream and ogle at some of the cool stuff you've done.
  • Check out our culture deck - you tell us whether you'll fit and whether you dream what we dream.
  • First round interviews.
  • Skills tests.
  • Final round interviews with our team (we're a small, tight unit - and only people who get a majority vote from the team are allowed to join the family).

>> We have a big social tech dream. Here's some more context...

Here's the post our current CEO wrote prior to taking over forgood. If that Dan Palotta video resonates with you - read on, if not, kthxbye:

Here's us at "launch":

Here's us with a business model:

Here's us with an award (we're not technically an app, but hey, who are we to tell Toby Shapshak what to categorise us as):

Here's us talking strat and trends in this space:


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