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forgood is HIRING: Account Manager (Junior / Mid)

What we want: Account Manager for corporate clients

PLEASE NOTE: Do NOT just click APPLY or randomly spam us. We will ignore any submissions that do not FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS IN THE JOB SPEC. 

Forgood connects people to Causes (think: “online dating for the social sector”!) We’re building and running a technology platform to capacitate and transform the nonprofit sector in South Africa (and eventually other developing markets). We’re also proudly “for profit” – and believe in making money and saving the world at the same time. 

We need someone to join our Programme Management team – directly interfacing with large South African corporates as we design, customise and run their Employee Volunteering Programmes on our platform. Call it Account Management, Client Service or whatever you like... we need a front man/woman to help us make magic.

Go watch this. If it resonates, read on - 

NOTE: Transformation is important to us - this is an Employment Equity position.

YOU MUST WANT: To work in a tech "startup" environment. We work really hard, play really hard. Flexible culture – but obsessed with delivery and getting shit done. You must WANT to deal with clients and be tolerant of a certain level of corporate bureaucracy (haha!). Don’t tell us you’re a “people person”. People’s People never actually say they’re People’s People. They just are.

YOU MUST BE ABLE TO: Learn quickly, work fast, think big, prove yourself, leave ego at the door.

YOU MUST: Commit. We’re not going to sink blood, sweat, tears, time and champagne (our celebration method of choice currently) into someone who’s going to ditch when things get hard. You’re in this for 2 years+ or you’re not in it at all.

THE ROLE: Work in the team that manages our corporate clients who use the forgood platform. Reporting to Senior Programme Manager.

Directly manage our corporate clients
  • On-board new clients
  • Attend client status meetings
  • Generate and create reports for clients
  • Crisis manage and problem solve any client issues that arise
  • Be a support desk to the client's CSI team
  • Provide training to new and existing clients. Confidence and presentation skills are critical.
  • Provide strategic input into the design of employee volunteering programmes and the customisation of our platform
  • Be excellent. Be awesome. Be detailed orientated.

Work with Community Management team to ensure that:
  • Our client’s Causes (charities) are happy and responsive
  • Provide feedback to Cause manager

Work with Product Management team to:
  • Concierge employee experiences and provide feedback on user experience
  • Continuously test the product on all platforms

Qualifications and experience required
  • A tertiary qualification. If you don’t have a degree, prove to us why you don’t need it
  • 3-5 years, client facing/client management experience. Don’t cheat on this one – the ability to schmooze and deliver excellent client-facing work takes a bit of practice. 
  • Comfortable in a tech environment. We’re serious about this. You need to love the Internet, be fluent in online platforms and understand your URL from your Excel (actually, you need to understand a lot more than that – but you get our point!) 
  • Strong writing, editing, creative and communication skills
  • Marketing and “selling” skills. You’re selling us by supporting our clients. 
  • Any social sector experience = bonus

WHAT YOU NEED TO DO NOW (the instructions we spoke about at the beginning of this job spec)

There is a plague in SA of people just clicking apply on every job that’s out there. That doesn’t work with us because it doesn’t show that you CARE. It doesn’t tell us that you REALLY WANT THIS ROLE. And we only want to hear from people who REALLY WANT THIS ROLE. Did we use enough caps for that?

#1 Go find out who we are. Google stalk us. Go deep. Think about whether you really want to work here. Then answer this: why do you want to work here?

#2 What is your best client experience so far?

#3 What is your worst client experience so far?

#4 Tell us one thing you’ve done in your life that should make us interested in you. 

When you send this info – send it with the same level of quality you’d use when engaging with our clients and their employees. We’ll ONLY ask for CV’s from the best submissions.

Salary: negotiable. But we believe in growing people quickly. You deliver, you contribute to revenue, you keep growing, you can earn whatever you want.

SUBMISSIONS TO: katherine at forgood dot co dot za


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