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forgood is HIRING: Senior .NET C# Dev / CTO. [JHB]

Forgood connects people to Causes. We’re building and running THE technology platform for the social sector in South Africa – and eventually other developing markets. 

Our dream is to reinvent the social space – make it more efficient, effective and help corporates point their CSI power in the right direction. We want to create real change by taking our simple concept of creating value within social interactions – and getting it to serious scale.

We’re a proudly “for profit” – and believe in making money and saving the world at the same time. Our primary business model is to sell a customised white-label version of our platform into corporates as a tool to run their employee volunteering programmes.

We need a CTO to take over dev from our long time outsourced partners. We need you to build and manage a tech team with the help of our Product Manager and CEO. We need you to innovate and iterate our platform at speed. We need you to help us continue to build the sexiest product that the social sector has ever seen.

Go watch this. If it lights a fire in your head and heart, read on. If it doesn’t, kthxbye!

YOU MUST BE: L33t. No ninjas or rockstars.

YOU MUST WANT: To work in a tech startup involvement. We work really hard, play really hard. We have a great “startup” culture – obsessed with delivery and getting shit done. You must want to build your own team; to hire, fire, love, mentor and ass kick your staff into the slickest unit ever to be seen by a social enterprise. You must want to build amazing product, make product the hero, do some good in the world, figure out how to scale to the moon, get pissed off when your stuff breaks, fix stuff, obsess over the little things – and did we mention do some good in the world?

YOU MUST BE ABLE TO: Learn quickly, work fast, think big, iterate, be lean, prove yourself, leave ego at the door. Provide us with product stability, simple and transparent processes – push the technology and dev outputs to be the best they can be.

YOU MUST: Commit. We’re not going to sink blood, sweat, tears, time and champagne (our celebration method of choice currently) into someone who’s going to ditch when things get hard. You’re in this for 3 years+ or you’re not in it at all.

  • Transition from our outsourced dev partners to internal dev competency over a 3-6 month period.
  • Run the show - with the support of a dedicated Product Manager and our CEO (who knows enough about dev to be dangerous). Over the transition period, you’ll also have the support of our outsourced team (Tech Lead, 2 Senior Devs, Front End, UX, QA and Project Manager).
  • Get your hands dirty. We are (like everyone in the tech space) backlogged up the wazoo. If that doesn’t paint a charming enough picture – we’ve got a lot of stuff to get done as quickly as possible. Just remember, you ARE the team in the beginning. You’ll need to push code, debug, deploy and own our processes. This isn’t a “delegation” role – but do it right and you’ll have the opportunity to build your own team as the business scales.
  • Implement, execute and improve on current dev and project management processes.
  • Ensure continuous (i.e. bloody often) iteration and deployment.
  • Implement best practice hardware and software monitoring.
  • Optimise server infrastructure for when BizSpark Plus ends and we have to kak and betaal.
  • Create and build our dev culture. Crazy hours, excess pizza and Red Bull consumption, code reviews, hackathons, industry networking, cross-company collaboration and all that good stuff that many people think only happens in Silicon X.
  • Be committed to transformation – we’re not building a pale male tech company.
Qualifications and experience required
  • 8-10 years dev experience.
  • Full stack WEB Developer: .NET C#, Web API, JavaScript, all hosted Microsoft Azure with a NoSQL Couchbase Database. Not half stack, not quarter stack – you need to make the stack your [insert gender appropriate word].
  • Must have built and run a dev team before.
  • You need to love all the new toys and want to play with them. Proven history developing cutting edge web and mobile stuff. No old skool VB is cool rubbish. Don’t be stuck in your old ways – you need to create the best new ways. 
  • Slack, JIRA, HotJar, GA, GTM and some other staples will be under your bench.

If you’ve read this far, then you’ve passed the first test. Don’t just send your CV. CV’s are usually value inflated by 86.2% anyway. We need MORE. Anyone who just sends a CV gets tossed in the Windows Vista Recycle Bin (which is by far the worst kind of Recycle Bin ever created).

  1. Go find out who we are. Google us. Social stalk us. Read our press. Go deep. Do you dream what we dream?
  2. Go look at our product, our tech, our platform play. Write us a paragraph about what you like about forgood and what you don’t.
  3. Give us the links to some cool web or mobile stuff that you’ve done. We like pretty, shiny, smooth, buttery, useful, clever stuff.
  4. Only then send us your CV -- andy at forgood dot co dot za
That’s it. We’ll do first round chats to see if we like each other. We’ll then do HackerRank tests. We’ll then do full interviews. We’re serious about getting the right person.

Start: as soon as possible. Salary: market rates. We hate the fact that just because people want to do something socially meaningful, many think they should earn less. Be prepared to earn every penny (which is like every 24c at the moment) of that market rate salary though. 


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