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forgood is hiring - opportunity in the Community Management & Support Team

What we want: Junior/Mid Community Manager.

Forgood connects people to Causes. We’re building and running THE technology platform for the social sector in South Africa – and eventually other developing markets. We’re a proudly “for profit” – and believe in making money and saving the world at the same time. Our primary business model involves selling a customised version of our platform into corporates as a tool to run their employee volunteering programmes.

YOU MUST BE: Black (sorry, but we’re being blunt here – our team is too white – and therefore we can’t dance, or say “sh’ot left” without a dodgy accent)

YOU MUST WANT: To work in a tech startup involvement. We work really hard, play really hard. Very flexible culture – but obsessed with delivery and getting shit done.

YOU MUST BE ABLE TO: Learn quickly, work fast, think big, prove yourself, leave ego at the door.

YOU MUST: Commit. We’re not going to sink blood, sweat, tears, time and champagne (our celebration method of choice currently) into someone who’s going to ditch when things get hard. You’re in this for 2 years+ or you’re not in it at all.

THE ROLE: Working in our Cause Relationship and Support Team.

  • Assist with Cause Relationship Management
    • Help manage the approval process for Causes (and keep records)
    • Build relationships with all Causes. They need to love you to love us.
    • Meet with and train strategically important Causes
  • Data clean-up
    • Ensure data across forgood consumer and business products is clean, relevant, fresh and friendly.
    • Spelling, grammar, quality of pictures and how things look – we’re fanatical about it.
  • Consumer query desk
    • Manage user and Cause queries coming in on forgood and various business programmes.
    • Learn how to use and generate reports on queries managed through FreshDesk.
    • Understand what the hell FreshDesk even is.
    • Be able to hustle support – many queries a day, fast turnaround, without losing the personality that’s going to make us awesome to all our Users.
    • Generate a fair bit of manual reporting on user interactions, volumes, quality, approval status etc..
    • Assist with all telephonic queries

Qualifications and experience required
  • A tertiary qualification, preferrably in a communications discipline. If you don’t have a degree, prove to us why you don’t need it.
  • At least 3 years of experience in some form of communications – whatever it may be.
  • Comfortable talking to people – over the phone, over email and in person. Community Managers are peoples people.
  • Comfortable in a tech environment. We’re serious about this. You need to love the Internet, be fluent on online platforms and understand your URL from your Excel.
  • Strong writing, editing, creative and communications skills
  • Attention to detail. This is a detail orientated job – if you’ve got your head in the clouds – this one isn’t for you.
  • Speaking and writing in a language that isn’t English or Afrikaans. Zulu? Xhosa? Tsotsitaal? (But your English needs to be solid as well – it’s just the language of the Internet)
  • Marketing and “selling” skills. You’re selling us by supporting our Users.
  • Any social sector experience = bonus


If you’ve read this far, then you’ve passed the first test. Don’t send your CV. CV’s are usually inflated by 86.2%  anyway. Anyone who just sends a CV gets tossed in the digital Trash.

  1. Go find out who we are. Google us. Read about us. Go deep. Think about whether you really want to work here.
  2. Write us a paragraph about what you like about and what you don’t.
  3. Write us a paragraph telling us why you’ll be a good community manager and support person for our Users.
  4. Tell us one thing you’ve done in your life that should make us interested in you.

When you send this info – send it with the same level of quality you’d use when engaging with our Causes and Users.

That’s it. We’ll get CV’s from the best submissions. We’d like to have you in place by January.
Salary negotiable. But we believe in growing people quickly. You deliver, you contribute to revenue, you keep growing, you can earn whatever you want.

No, we're not giving you an email address. If you can't get in touch with us in this day and age - you don't want it enough :)


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